Short-Term Missions

The ability to participate in short-term missions trips left a strong impression in our lives. We desire to make available the resources we have to allow these same opportunities in the lives of others. We have facilities available that provide a range of options to host incoming missions trips. As a church, you will be challenged as you experience first hand both the blessings and difficulties of ministering in a cross-cultural setting.

If you are considering a short-term mission trip for your church, we ask that you thoroughly review the following material. We want to make sure that you are aware of our expectations of you as an incoming mission group, and that you are further aware of the resources that we have in place to assist you with this mission trip. It is our desire to be a blessing to you during your time with us, while also ensuring that our core ministry of evangelism and church planting is not negatively affected in any way.  

After reviewing the material in this pamphlet I would be happy to speak with you further regarding the possibility of scheduling a time for your mission trip to southern Texas. You may contact me by any of the means given on the CONTACT US page. I look forward to hearing from you, and of working with you in reaching the people of Starr County, Texas!

Our ministry is one of evangelism and church-planting among the people of Starr County, Texas. It is our expectation that your presence and abilities will be used in an effort to assist in accomplishing these primary tasks. Our specific needs for assistance change regularly, but shown below are some of the varied types of assistance that your group can typically expect to provide.

Physical labor on the main mission property
Physical labor as part of our benevolence ministry
Door-to-door literature distribution and witnessing
Helping with meal preparation/cleaning for your group
Children’s VBS/Neighborhood programs
Adult “special-topic” programs
Vehicle Maintenance/Repair
Whatever else is needed!

Please bear in mind that the primary language spoken in our area is Spanish, and therefore your opportunities for direct person-to-person evangelism will be somewhat limited if you do not know the Spanish language. An exception to this rule is among the youth, almost all of whom are fluent in English due to attending public school. There are still many things that you can be involved with, even with the adults, so please do not let that limitation keep you from considering working with us on a short-term trip!

It is also our desire that you get to know more about the culture and climate of southern Texas during your stay with us. Therefore, we typically will plan on 1 day of your visit being a “cultural” day. Some of the sights you can choose from include visits to the World Birding Center at Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, the Museum of South Texas History, the Grotto of Lourdes, the Roma International Bridge and Loma de la Cruz. We also recommend lunch at a local taqueria. These outings will give you a much better understanding of this area and it’s rich history, which will in turn help you to better relate to the people that now call this place home!

It is also our desire that through this missions trip your group would have an increased burden for souls, establish a closer walk with God and a closer relationship with one another. We help facilitate these goals with daily devotions, as well as scheduled times of “relaxation” and fellowship.

Our housing facilities are divided among two properties. CHURCH: Our main church building can provide sleeping and basic bathroom facilities for a large number of people. OLD CHURCHOur original church building has two full bathrooms with showers. This building is a very short walk from the new building and is the only building that provides shower access. Air mattresses, pillows, linens and all towels/washcloths are provided. A washer/dryer is also available for your use during your stay if necessary.

Unless you elect otherwise, all of your meals are included in the cost of your trip (excluding meals while traveling to/from our facilities). If you elect the taqueria option that will be the only meal at a restaurant during your stay. Breakfasts/lunches will be lighter meals and all meals generally feature a healthier array of options. Those on special diets or with special requirements need to notify us as soon as possible to make arrangements, and may be asked to bring their own necessary supplements. 

If arriving by air, we will pick you up from either the McAllen airport (MFE) or the Laredo Airport (LRD), provide all of your transportation during your stay and then return you to the airport for your departing flight. If your group contains 10 or more people we recommend that you contact Travel With Us ( They can generally arrange your airfare at a noticeable discount over publicly posted rates. Our curren van limits us to provide transportation for groups of 11 or less, though we will work with you to make arrangements for larger groups, including the utilization of our van for part of your group. We are actively working to acquire a 30-40 passenger bus which will allow us to increase our availability to incoming groups. 

We welcome groups from Independent Baptist churches that are in agreement with our doctrinal statement, irregardless of whether they are one of our regular supporting churches. We can accommodate mixed groups of men, women and children. We do ask that all members be able to tolerate a somewhat trying environment (sleeping on the air mattresses, some physical labor and extreme temperatures of 100-115 degrees in the summer), and therefore limit participation to those 13 years of age and older. Exceptions to this requirement can be made, upon request. 

Although it is a blessing to us to be able to accommodate incoming mission groups, the cost involved is not covered in our regular support. Therefore, we do ask incoming groups to provide a small donation to cover the expenses associated with your visit. We have provided the following information to assist you in planning for your visit to southern Texas. Please count your arrival/departure days as 1 day combined. Please skip any items you do not wish to include in your trip, such as sightseeing expenses, t-shirts, etc. This is an estimate only, please contact for more information.

Daily Fee: Food/Lodging (Per-Person/Per-Day): $15.00

     McAllen Airport - Roundtrip (up to 11 people): $75.00
     Laredo Airport - Roundtrip (up to 11 people): $150.00
     Local Transportation (up to 11 people): TBD Based On Trip Details

Optional Fees:
     History Museum Visit: $6.00/person
     Bentsen-State Park Visit: $5.00/person
     Taqueria Lunch: $10.00/person
     Custom Trip T-Shirt: $10.00/person

Please Note: Airfare and other travel related costs that you may incur are not included above.

A Missions group from 2009

Example of sleeping arrangements

Yard work on the mission compound

Preparing baked goods for an outreach

Cupcakes for an outreach

Informal morning daily devotions

Sightseeing at Loma de la Cruz

Lunch at a local taqueria

Literature distribution at Wal-Mart

Painting on the original buildings

Stamping boxes and literature for distribution