Future Ministries: Radio Ministry

I was approached by Pastor Noe Mendoza with Iglesia Bautista Betania in Mission, Texas, about working together on the formation of a radio ministry. At the beginning, Pastor Noe (and others) would be doing a large portion of the preaching/teaching, and I would be responsible for the technical operations, primarily to include the creation of the "final cut" of recordings for distribution. Various members from Betania would then be responsible for the actual distribution of these materials to a range of radio stations and other ministries with which Pastor Noe has relationships. Pastor Noe has various outlets that are willing to provide free airtime, and he is also willing to pay for the airtime here in the valley. Some steps have been taken to begin this ministry, but time constraints have not allowed for everything to be fully implemented. We would like to see this ministry actively pursued in 2010.