Aaron & Melissa - 2017

Aaron Freeman     Melissa Freeman    
Born on February 13, 1976 in Charleston, Illinois Born on April 16, 1976 in Petersburg, Virginia

We were married on April 23, 1994 in Powhatan, Virginia 

Some Personal Information Some Personal Information
Favorite Food: Nachos Supreme
Favorite Restaurant: LaSiesta
Favorite Hymn: Be Thou My Vision
Favorite Color: Changes Weekly
Hobbies/Interests: Playing strategy games or playing soccer
Favorite Food: Chocolate Cheesecake
Favorite Restaurant: LaSiesta
Favorite Hymn: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
Favorite Color: Copper
Hobbies/Interests: Game-Time with the kids

Testimony of Salvation Testimony of Salvation
Growing up in an unreligious family, I had not attended church more than 1 or 2 times in my entire life. Although I was not a “bad” person, I also was lost. In my early teens I became acquainted with an individual, who through diligent, faithful witnessing, was able to show me my need for a personal savior. In February of 1991, at the age of 14, I finally made that decision to accept the free gift being offered to me through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for my sins. Although my life did not dramatically change at my conversion, it did set in place a series of events that have led me to where I am today. Despite the lack of obvious external evidence of my salvation at that time, looking back I know without a doubt that the decision I made that night was indeed, genuine. By the time I was 15, I was already an out-of-control teen. This led to my mother sending me to a Christian children's home. Although I had attended church a few times as a child, and had even been dunked in water and told I was baptized, I was not truly a child of God. While at this children's home, the Lord opened my eyes and on Oct. 25, 1991, I trusted Jesus' finished work for the remission of my sin. Even though I backslid shortly after becoming saved, I saw undeniably how faithful my Heavenly Father is throughout my 20's and my faith grew. I love my dear Creator, Master, Father--the Most High God. He is my Strength and I know it to be a privilege to serve Him as His child.

Experience/Training Experience/Training
I am a 2006 graduate of Atlantic Baptist Bible College with a degree in Pastoral Theology and Missions. I was on staff at Holly Hills Baptist Church for 1˝ years as the Youth/Music Minister. For the prior 8 years I worked in various capacities in the church, in all age groups. I have filled the pulpit in the pastors absence, planned Christmas programs, helped in directing the VBS program, led congregational signing, conducted the choir, and participated in the choir. For 3 years I also had the opportunity to plan and lead missions trips for our church. These trips have helped new missionaries begin their works, and assisted veteran missionaries in difficult areas of the United States. Melissa is a dedicated mother and helpmate. She has been home-schooling our children since 2001, as well as managing many of the day-to-day aspects of our home. For 6 years she was the director of our church youth program for grades 3-6, and has also served as nursery director and church clerk, and assisted in other capacities as time allowed.

Call to Missions/Ministry
In September of 2001, at the age of 25 I (Aaron) was laid off from work and thus a door was opened for me to attend a Youth Worker’s Conference at the Wilds in North Carolina. The Lord had already been preparing my heart by showing me the fruitlessness of my work and placing a burden within me to give my life to something that would have lasting value. During this conference I saw that God wanted me to serve Him with everything I had, not just in the volunteer positions I had been involved with. When I returned home from this conference, I spoke with Melissa about this, and we prayed for wisdom. Having already surrendered her entire life to Christ as a teenager, she was already prepared for this calling on our lives. We also spoke with our Pastor and a deacon from our church to further evaluate this calling. All of us prayed and determined that this calling was indeed genuine and we immediately surrendered our lives to His service.  

It had taken 25 years of my life for God to prepare me to accept a call into the ministry. It took another 4 years for Him to prepare me for a calling into missions. As I neared the completion of my Bible College training, I began the search for the ministry in which God would have us to serve. Melissa and I have long been interested in living in Texas, so I included that particular area in my search, while also thoroughly evaluating possibilities in other areas. We did not want this to be a decision based on our desires, but we did not want to discard our natural inclinations either. We quickly became aware that although certain opportunities were available in existing churches, there are large sections of Southern Texas that have no fundamental, Gospel preaching, Independent Baptist church. Furthermore, there are very few Spanish-speaking ministries.  

The opportunity to participate in several short-term mission trips has given us a perspective on the life of a missionary. Our favorite part has always been the opportunity to reach out to people who have not had the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Combining this love for evangelism with a love for Texas and Mexican culture and a burden for an often neglected people group has led us to accept what we believe is God’s calling for us to serve as missionaries to the Hispanic people of Southern Texas.