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Before beginning his ministry, the Apostle Paul was a tent-maker.  After beginning his work for God he continued to support himself through tent-making, as well as through the support of like-minded believers, thus we see that he was bi-vocational.  As we understand it, being bi-vocational is neither mandated nor prohibited in the Scriptures. It is, rather, a personal choice based on God's leading in an individual's life. In our ministry we have chosen, for the most part, to not be bi-vocational. That is, the majority of our support comes from churches and individuals of like faith and practice. That said, we do receive a small portion of our support from a side "business".

Before entering the ministry God allowed me to develop an ability with computers, including software and website design. Since entering the ministry God has allowed me to utilize those abilities in designing our personal website, display backdrop, prayer cards, letter head and envelopes as well as in developing our DVD presentation. He is now allowing this ability to be used, in a small way, to help support the ministry to which we have been called. It is our adamant position that this in no way be allowed to become a hindrance to God's work, but, rather, shall be used as our own "tent-making" ministry.

Following are two lists that help clarify what we are doing and why we are doing it:

Why be bi-vocational
It allows us to gain financial support for our work
- It can be a testimony to the people we will be working with
- It can be used as an opening to reach certain individuals

One other statement about why we are doing this.  It is a door the Lord has provided.  Foreign missionaries may not have the ability to do something, even as minor as this, to help support their ministry.  Therefore, we are taking advantage of this opportunity which will in turn allow a few churches to send their support to foreign fields, or even other U.S. missionaries for which this possibility does not exist.

We do not want this in any way to detract from our ministry and therefore have implemented several self-imposed restrictions

Self-imposed restrictions
- All income will be included in our monthly financial statements, available to all supporting churches
- All income will be reported as regular support and will reduce the support needed from churches (ie it will not take us over 100% support)
- Our core activity will be website hosting, which requires just a few minutes per customer per year
- Website development will be limited to 10 hours or 1 website per month, whichever is least
- No advertising will be done -- income will be from word-of-mouth only, as the Lord provides

It is our desire to be 100% forthright concerning this ministry.  The statements made above are an attempt to ensure that this is the case.  Though we do not believe that this will have an impact on our commitment to being full-time missionaries, we do want to ensure that you are aware that it is taking place. 

Should you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this matter, we would be happy to discuss them with you more.  Please feel free to contact us.